TechnoBiz has published number of reference publications related to rubber industry. Following are available list. If you wish to buy any of publications, please download publication order form here and send to for further processing.

TechnoBiz is also inviting interested experts and specialists in rubber processinng to write short book on focused subjects. Author will be offered with fixed financial remuneration for their contribution. Interested persons are invited to submit book proposals with book title, summary, book contents and short CV to Mr. Peram Prasada Rao.

Rubber Molding Principles

Author: Van Walworth
Book Price: 95 US$/Copy
Year: 2017

Cost Reduction in Rubber Processing

EDITOR: Hans-Joachim Graf
CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Freitag, Andreas Limper, Anil Skariah, Armin Niehaus, Axel Potthoff, Gerard Nijmann, Gerd Schmaucks, Hans-Joachim Graf, Ian Wilson, Jacob Peled, Jan Schiemann, Martin Schuermann, Michael Larkin, Peter Ryzko, Peter Steinl, Peter Uth, RJ Del Vecchio, Robert Achatz, Roopa S, Timo Gebauer,
Van Walworth, Volker Groth
286 pages, Hardbound, Year: 2014,
Price: 250 US$ /Copy

Rubber Molding Process Troubleshooting Charts

Author: Van T Walworth;
Price: 40 US$ /Set
Individual Chart Price: 15 US$
Chart Size: 90cm wide x 50cm height
Year: 2014
Available Charts:
Compression Molding;
Transfer Molding;
Hybrid Transfer Molding;
Injection Molding

Rubber Molding Process Selection

Author: Van Walworth
Book Price: 15 US$/Copy
Year: 2017

Rubber Molding Process Troubleshooting

Author: Van Walworth
Book Price: 25 US$/Copy
Year: 2017

Radial and Biased Tyre Technology

Author: Dr. Samir Majumdar
Book Price: 85 US$/Copy

The Art of Retreading
Author: Danilo Pasotti
Book Price: 85 US$/Copy
Year: 2016

Rubber Mixing Plant - Equipment, Design & Layout
Author: Bruno Milanese
Book Price: 85 US$/Copy
Year: 2016

Rubber & Tire Digest Magazine
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